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Why Choose Beckum Law?

On the surface, choosing the right Birmingham, Alabama lawyer appears difficult. There are advertisements, clever marketing campaigns and attorneys that will do and say anything to get your attention. Despite these distractions, finding the best lawyer for your case is really quite simple. In Attorney Will Beckum’s nearly fifteen years of practicing law, his own clients have expressed the same desired traits over and over again. They want a lawyer they can trust, a lawyer with knowledge and experience to handle their case, and a lawyer who really cares and puts their interest first.

At Beckum Law, we are building a law practice focused on trust, competence and advocacy. These qualities inform every decision we make, from the respect we show to each client who contacts the firm, to the manner in which we litigate cases with both the short-term and long-term interests of the client in mind.

Unlike most law practices that try to handle every type of legal issue, we accept only cases where we have significant experience. Our Birmingham, Alabama law practice focuses on only three areas: construction law, employment law and probate and estate planning. For over fourteen years, Will Beckum has handled hundreds of cases in these practice areas in Alabama and other states across the country. Though he has represented large corporations in the past, he is now fortunate to choose to advocate for only individuals and small businesses in litigation to ensure they get a just solution for their legal concerns.

Construction Law – Your Home

Attorney Beckum is one of the few Birmingham construction attorneys with significant experience litigating construction defect claims on behalf of homeowners, condominium associations and others who have suffered damage as a result of breach of contract, negligence, or fraud by contractors, architects, engineers, home inspectors, and insurance companies. In 2017, Will Beckum along with another local attorney recovered $5.9 million dollars on behalf of a Birmingham, Alabama condominium association after four years of highly contested litigation over construction defects in the development. His background as a former engineer, with a degree from Georgia Tech, gives his clients a specialized edge in the technical aspects of these cases. We handle construction defect cases in Birmingham and throughout the State.

Employment Law – Your Career

Our employment practice focuses on representing individuals who have suffered discrimination (race, gender, age, pregnancy and disability), sexual harassment, retaliation, problems associated with medical leave, and wage and hour (overtime) violations in the workplace. We handle employment cases in Birmingham and throughout the State of Alabama at all stages – whether someone needs assistance with filing an EEOC charge, negotiating a severance agreement, or suing an employer in State or Federal Court. As both a current employee attorney and a former civil defense attorney, Attorney Beckum has a unique perspective on how large companies and insurance companies defend these types of cases. By understanding the defense strategies utilized by employers when defending cases, he is able to advise employees who have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against and keep them one step ahead of their employer. If you are searching for an experienced Birmingham employment law attorney, Attorney Beckum has the expertise and experience to represent your best interests.

Estate and Probate Law – Your Legacy

Beckum Law also handles probate and estate planning matters in Birmingham, Alabama. Attorney Beckum is dedicated to providing cost effective estate planning services to residents of Birmingham and throughout the State of Alabama. Estate planning is about securing your family’s future. While no one enjoys contemplating what happens after they die, taking the proper steps today can make a huge difference in the futures of the people you care most about. Whether it is preparing a will, a health care directive or a more complicated trust, we can guide you through the process in a cost-effective manner that takes out the guesswork. Our goal is simply to provide you reasonable solutions that protect your assets and provide the peace of mind that your family will receive the benefits of your hard work.

Our Birmingham, Alabama probate attorney is focused on shouldering some of the burden after the death of family member, so that the assets of an estate can be distributed as quickly and securely as possible. Whether a loved one dies with or without a will, our firm can guide you through the probate process which can often seem unnecessarily complex and tedious.

We offer free initial consultations on every matter. I encourage you to contact us and set up a consultation to see if you have a claim, whether you need a Birmingham construction lawyer or representation in an employment or probate matter. If you are looking for a law firm in Alabama that focuses on quality, not quantity — a firm that pays greater attention to the details of your case and to you, call our office at (205) 588-0699 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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